Want to know how to choose a good CPA? Choosing a certified public accountant to handle your business’s taxes can be challenging. After all, you want someone who is knowledgeable, experienced, and qualified to manage and navigate the complexities of tax laws. 

Not only that but they also need to be someone whom you trust to handle your financial documents and data with the utmost integrity. 

With so many different CPAs and firms out there, how do you decide which one best meets your needs? In this blog post, we’ll share some useful tips on how to choose the right CPA for your business’s tax needs.

Know their Specialization

One way to find a good CPA is to know their expertise, it is extremely important to ask about the areas in which they specialize. Not all CPAs are equal – some might specialize in taxes while others might specialize in budgeting and forecasting. 

Different stakeholders require different types of expertise and services. Moreover, an experienced CPA that is specialized in your specific needs can provide the most value in terms of managing finances and ensuring compliance with regulatory policies. 

Thus, before settling on any particular accountant, it is key to take the time to make sure that their skills best align with the services you need. It could be a waste of time knowing that the one you hire can’t perform the duties and responsibilities required for your tax needs.

Are They Verified?

When searching for a CPA accountant near me, it is important to verify their Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). This allows taxpayers to verify any CPA they are looking to work with is up-to-date and properly registered. 

Verifying their PTIN helps to ensure clients are dealing with an experienced and legitimate professional in the tax field. Furthermore, part of the verification process includes confirming the expiration date of their PTIN which must be renewed yearly. To do this, just easily search the IRS Return Preparer Office Directory

Look For Their License

Another effective way to find a good CPA is always best to check their license first. This ensures that they are qualified, as only individuals who have met the necessary requirements are granted CPA licenses.

It would be best to check it with your state’s board of accountancy. As you see, most of these websites have a huge database of verified CPAs which includes information such as name, license number, status, expiration dates as well as suspensions or disciplinary actions. By verifying a CPA’s license, you can feel confident knowing that your finances will be in safe and capable hands and that you can trust the advice being provided.

Do They Have the Experience?

Choosing an accountant is a big decision. Without experience and know-how in the accounting profession, a CPA may not be able to handle your tax or financial needs. That is why it is important to look into their experience and make sure that they are qualified to represent you. 

Consider asking potential CPAs what type of industries they specialize in, how many years they have been in business, and any awards or recognition they may have received for their work. Even though you can hire newbies, it can be difficult to gamble if they can’t deliver the services you are expecting. An experienced CPA will be able to help you learn from the basic to the complex world of accounting.

Fees For Their Services

While many CPAs offer similar services, they can vary widely in terms of their fees. It’s important to compare different CPA firms and ask questions about their fees, such as what services are included in the fee; ask for an estimate, and details on any additional charges. 

Some CPAs will include ongoing support for a flat fee, while others may charge per analysis or item that is prepared. 

Consider your budget when looking for a CPA near you for taxes, as this will help ensure that you get exactly what you need without breaking the bank.

Ask For Referral 

Among the most trusted ways of finding a reliable CPA is to ask for referrals from colleagues,  friends, and family who have utilized their services in the past. Doing so gives you direct knowledge of what prospective accountants are like in terms of their accounting strategies and the ability to understand your needs, accuracy, pricing, and more. 

Getting a referral allows you to avoid spending time and money researching an unknown accountant without assurance that they will deliver better services than other CPAs out there 


Searching for the right CPA for your budding business is not easy especially if you are not yet familiar with it. If you are just starting with your business, it is very essential to familiarize yourself with the importance on how to find a good CPA.

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